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NutriCoachAZ LLC is a network of Registered Dietitians passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness ready to improve your patients' outcomes with consistent and convenient guidance between visits. Using our cumulative experience base exceeding 100 years, we can help your patients' lose weight and improve nutrition through meal plans, counseling, and advice within the context of your practice specialty.

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Evidence-Based Counseling & Innovative Tools

Improved Patient Outcomes

No one solution is right for everyone and their lifestyle so, we strive to provide compassionate, non-judgmental, patient-centered guidance using motivational interviewing techniques to find patients' barriers to learning.

  • Nutrition-Specific EMR

  • Convenient Telehealth Platform

  • Mobile App & Desktop Access

  • Wearables Integration

  • Social Media Style Journaling

  • Real-Time Secure Chat

Additional Services Available: meal planning, basic prep & cook, grocery store tours, and more...

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Insurance Mastery

Nutrition-Specific Billing

Billing for nutrition services is not only very tricky with it's own set of CPT and modifiers but, the encounter rules and charting for reimbursement are completely different than those for other disciplines.  This is why most medical practices struggle with ROI when considering their on-site RDNs. 

NutriCoachAZ LLC is ready to take this service element off your plate, all you need to do is fax in the referral. 

Referral Fax: 833-296-4738

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CMS 1500s Provided

Be the Hero

If you want to include nutrition services bundled with your other concierge services, we can provided the CMS 1500s and associated notes so, your in-house medical billing can enjoy improved reimbursements for nutrition services. 

This provider package allows for tight overhead control by paying only for services rendered at a flat rate.

$50 per encounter


$400 per 10 encounters

(Medical Nutrition Therapies Only)


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